For Your Social Hour

Fresh Vegetable and Cheese Display

The Buffet

Tossed Salad
With Choice of Two Dressings
Basket of Home Baked  Rolls 

The Woodsman’s Buffet

Chef Carved Roast Sirloin
Chicken French
Penne Pasta
Marinara and Alfredo Sauces
Herb Roasted Potato
Fresh Vegetable Medley

 $ 19.95 Per Person

The Creekside Buffet

Chef Carved Roast Sirloin
Chicken Marsala
Stuffed Tilapia
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Penne Pasta with Alfredo and Marinara Sauces
Fresh Vegetable Medley

$ 22.95 Per Person 

The Served Dinner

For Your Social Hour

 Fresh Vegetable and Cheese Display 

Mixed Green Confetti Salad
With Choice of Dressing
Basket of Homemade Rolls
Choice of 3 Entrees 

Beef Entrees

Roasted New York Strip Loin - $17.95

Roast Prime Ribs of Beef Aus Jus - $19.95

Grilled 14oz. New York Strip Steak - $19.95

Char Roasted Sliced Tenderloin - $22.95

Poultry Entrée’s

Chicken French House Specialty - $17.95
Chicken Marsala with melon & cherries - $17.95
Chicken Savoyarde - $18.95
Corn Bread Stuffed Chicken Breast - $18.95
Cornish Game Hen corn bread stuffing - $17.95
Roast Turkey with Stuffing - $16.95

Fish Entrée’s

Fillet of Sole with shrimp & crab stuffing - $17.95
Seafood Newburg - $17.95
Poached or Grilled Salmon - $22.95
Poached or Grilled Swordfish - $22.95

All Dinner Entrée’s Include Potato or Rice,
Fresh Vegetable in Season,

The Grazing Party 

Vegetable and Cheese Display, with fresh fruit garnish, crackers,

The Carvery

Chef Carved Roast Sirloin
Roasted Turkey
Rolls and Condiments
Baked Potato Torta 

Pasta Station

Penne and Linguine Pasta
Marinara, and Alfredo Sauces
Cheese and Toppings on the side 

Salad Station

Bowls of Mixed Greens
and Romaine
Dressings, Relishes
Two Chef’s Salad Creations

Coffee and Desserts

Coffee Station with Whipped Cream and Flavorings
Cookies and Brownies

$ 21.95 Per Person
Prices are subject to change
All Pricing is Based on Minimum Guest Count of 50 people.

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